There are 16,365 in Georgia (35th in USA per capita)
Stats Provide By: National Sex Offender List
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Georgia Sexual Predators

Online Researchers have estimated that during any particular moment, up to 50,000 sexual predators are browsing on the web.

The word "Sexual Predator" is linked to any person who attempts to obtain sexual contact in an uninviting style. As a result of its meaningful interpretation, this phrase has become analogous with describing past sex offenders.

Recognizing where these sexual predators are housed is imperative to public safety and the saftey of your {family|loved ones|. While this information is publicly available, the process of collecting the right information can be difficult and trying.

There is now an easy method for receiving the infomation you need in order to keep your family safe. Explore our database and learn whether or not sexual predators reside in your community.

Detailed Sexual Offender Report Includes:

  • Recent address information
  • Email notices when sex predators arive into your area.
  • Latest photos of sex predators
  • Particulars of the sexual crime that was perpetrated.
  • Details of Offender's arrest
  • Name variations and A.k.A's of sex offender

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